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Searching for jobs


Searching for a graduate job takes time and commitment. In this video UEL students and graduates provide advice on how to search, how to get help and the resources available to support you in your job search.

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  • GP = Glenda Pringle, Student, UEL
  • MP = Melissa Potente, Graduate, UEL
  • NN = Nick Newman, Student, UEL
  • OR = Omar Rizeq, Student, UEL
  • EU = Ebuba Udoh, Graduate, UEL

GP: My number one piece of advice for someone who is just searching for a job would to be consistent with your searching, keep on doing it, don’t do it sparingly and also, use a number of mediums as well - internet, you’ve got newspapers, sometimes even magazines as well and you can also call up places as well and use services like employability and employment agencies as well.

MP: I think my advice for anyone starting to search for their first job is to firstly get a good CV built. I was very lucky to have Femi and the Employability team look over mine and give me some feedback and then once you’ve got that you can go to some really good recruitment consultants. It’s their job to pick out your strengths and match them to relevant roles. I was very lucky to meet some very good ones. I spent half an hour with them and came out with some really good opportunities I was put forward for.

NN: If I was giving advice to someone looking for a job, would say aim high because you never know what someone might see in you so it’s much better to aim high and be knocked down than to aim lower than your capabilities.

OR: It’s important to have a confident attitude if you want to be successful during the recruitment process but you also have to remain realistic. You have to prove yourself when you’re out there because you’re competing with a lot of other graduates. Remain patient but stay confident and also, when you get the opportunity, take it with your arms open and an open mind and stay focused and prove yourself.

EU: Use all available resources, go knock on your employability doors, know who they are, not just know where they are. Get in touch with them, find out what events or programs they have. Get involved.

OR: Don’t ever lose track, don’t ever lose confidence. If you have a goal, keep pushing for it, keep trying to achieve it.

MP: I think the best attitude a graduate can have when looking for a job is to be positive, be enthusiastic, take every opportunity you can to show off your strengths and your skills. If you believe you’re right for that job, they will too. Go in there, smile, make sure they remember you. Always match your strengths back to what they’re looking for and if you don’t have the experience, make up for it in enthusiasm and determination to succeed.

OR: Go to a point of contact and the best one for that is the UEL Employability team.


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