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Gaining experience: students/graduates


It is important to gain experience whilst at university. In this video students and graduates highlight some of the opportunities (such as mock assessment centres, placements and internships) available for students to undertake whilst at UEL.

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  • NN = Nick Newman, Student, UEL
  • OR = Omar Rizeq, Student, UEL
  • EU = Ebuba Udoh, Graduate, UEL
  • GP = Glenda Pringle, Student, UEL

NN: I’ve had loads of experiences to enhance my employability. I’ve been to UCAS fairs, I’ve had chances to meet new employers and CV writing skills clinics have been really useful to me.

OR: I’d recommend to all students, if they want to enhance their character and enhance their skills, to take on any kind of internship that is related to their degree or the type of job that they want to go on.

NN: One of the university alumni offered a placement for architects which I was introduced to through the university. I got to go and work with a small company who do community work and this was doing carpentry, building a structure in a community garden and that was amazing. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

EU: The programme the employability team put together gave me lots of useful tips to help me deal with interviews and assessment centres. I’ll give you a good example, which would be having a positive mental attitude, being aware of what prospective employers are looking for. Most importantly would be the speed interview which we had. To elaborate, we had a panel of experts interview us and they gave us lots of feedback on areas we needed to work on in order to enhance our performance at interviews.

NN: My work as student ambassador at the University has really helped me improve my employability skills. I’ve met a lot of people, I’ve done a lot of networking.

GP: One opportunity that helped me with UEL, is when I went for a Merrill Lynch assessment centre. It was really, really good. It was a really comfortable environment, really nice people and basically we were set some assessment tasks and given feedback at the end about how we did.

OR: There were many activities that I was a part in during my time at UEL that helped me secure my position with the Olympic Delivery Authority. One of them was going on an assessment centre which I got through the UEL Employability team. This was fantastic for my recruitment for the London 2012 programme because I had a practice at interviewing, I had a chance to do online tests, I got to network with some senior recruiters so I had an idea of exactly what they were looking for. And also, I built up a strong relationship with the Employability team and this always helped when I had questions around my CV or any applications.


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