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Interviews: student/ graduate advice


Interviews can be a daunting process for anyone. In this video UEL students and graduates explain how to prepare for an interview, impress a potential employer and handle your nerves on the day.

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  • GP = Glenda Pringle, Student, UEL
  • NN = Nick Newman, Student, UEL
  • OR = Omar Rizeq, Student, UEL
  • EU = Ebuba Udoh, Graduate, UEL
  • MP = Melissa Potente, Graduate, UEL

GP: The best way to handle nerves before an interview would be to look at your CV so that you’re up to date with what you’re doing and that you kind of go over it before you go to the interview so that you can communicate and also so that it correlates with what you said on your CV as well. Another thing that you can do is to research the company so that you have that confidence in knowing what you’re speaking about as well.

NN: I think the most important thing when you’re going to meet a prospective employer is to dress appropriately. Regardless of what they tell you to wear, you should always come in in a suit with a tie and a shirt because you want to give the most professional image of yourself that you can.

OR: I planned so much at the beginning and I prepared a lot before my recruitment that I was confident enough to go in there and show them what I had and I could back up everything I was saying because it was all proved and tested before I even got the interview. So, to handle your nerves, I’d say plan, prepare, make sure that before you get in there, you know that everything you’re saying is backed up and you’ve got the confidence to prove it.

EU: I looked at their website, looked at my local paper, you know, sort of gather a lot of information about them so whatever questions were thrown at me, I came across knowledgeable. Most importantly, I was myself, relaxed, and showed them that what was on my CV I could demonstrate to them on the day.

MP: I think the most important thing to remember when trying to impress your potential employers is to be personable. I think first impressions count for a lot. So when you turn up, smile, be friendly, get remembered for the right reasons and be presentable.


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