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Application forms


Alison White explains what makes an application form stand out from the pile and what common mistakes should be avoided if you want your application form to be read.

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  • AW = Alison White, Programme Director, East London Business Alliance

AW:I look for an application form that’s well written, that answers all the questions that are asked, and that has something on the end that says a bit more about that person that makes then stand out from the pile. Perhaps something they have done in their personal lives, some project they’ve achieved or having done some voluntary work.

AW: I put an application in the bin if, first of all, if it’s not spelt correctly, if the grammar is incorrect or if they haven't done what I’ve asked them to do on the application form. It's also really important they talk about the skills they’ve got and it's clear they’ve read the job description and what’s required in that role. You can tell that about the application form, sometimes people just fill out bland application forms without any reference to the job.


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