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Standing out: staying motivated


Searching and applying for jobs can take considerable time and effort. In this video employers and graduates examine the opportunities available to UEL students and the motivation needed to succeed.

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  • WC - Web Chinduta, Student, University of East London
  • SK - Steven Kirkpatrick, Managing Director, Spring Personnel
  • SB - Selena Bolingbroke, Pro Vice-Chancellor & Alumnus, University of East London

WC - A lot of UEL students find problems with their self-belief because they don’t actually believe that maybe they are able to get these jobs. That actually tends to a loss in motivation. They end up like not being motivated even to apply for jobs. So, that’s one of the biggest challenges I see. If they’re motivated, if they had more belief, they probably would be more motivated and perhaps able to succeed more.

SK – I think UEL graduates have a fantastic opportunity. If I think about how I started out, I went to for the final year of my HND, I went to a place called Coleraine. There’s about a thousand people there and about ten thousand sheep. That was the economic world that I grew up in. So if I think about UEL graduates and I think about London, I think about 2012, I think about all of this development work, all of the investment that’s going on here. I honestly believe it could be, if approached correctly, a land of milk and honey. There are so many organisations, so many head offices, so many opportunities that, if UEL graduates approach the world of work with vigour, with intensity and with humility, I can’t see anything other than fantastic careers ahead of the people that want to approach it in the right way.

WC - I think it’s really really important for people to realise, for students to realise, especially at UEL, that everything is actually out there. There are loads of resources in terms of the Employability unit and all other sorts of information. And that your success is actually down to you. You have to take that personal responsibility, just knowing that you actually have to wake up and do something, just get bothered to actually change your life and apply and that will happen.

SB - Don’t let life just happen to you, don’t lie down in front of life. Make choices about the time that you spend doing activities that you will enjoy and that you’re confident you’re going to get something out of so that when you go for that graduate interview, you can give lots of rich examples to employers about how you demonstrate the skills and the knowledge and the attitude that you have.

WC - I probably fail more than any other student because I try a lot. Especially in terms of giving applications, I do a lot of applications, I apply for almost everything. Out of all those trials, I then get the few successes. So perhaps also for other students, that’s one thing they need to realise is that, don’t be discouraged, even if you fail five times, ten times, you just need to keep going and you’ll be successful.

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