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Standing out: importance of a good degree


Whilst at university, it is crucial to not lose sight of the importance of a good degree. In this video employers explain why a good degree is very attractive to potential employers.

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  • SW - Sue Warren,HR Business Partner, BT
  • SK - Steven Kirkpatrick, Managing Director, Spring Personnel

SW - It’s so important to get a good degree and to make the most of your opportunity while you’re at university. The fact is it’s such a competitive market now for graduates. My mentee has just got a first class Business Management degree and I’m really proud of her. She’s currently looking for a job and I think the fact that she hasn’t even found one at the moment, only two or three months after graduating, just demonstrates that even with a first class degree, it’s still a very competitive world out there. The harder you work and the more successful you are in getting your degree, the more chance you stand of finding the job that you’re looking for at a graduate level.

SK - I think a degree nowadays, it doesn’t guarantee you a job. It’s a route to, positioning you for, a job. I think that when somebody comes in and you take a look at their degree, you’ll make an assessment based on how good a degree it is. And I’m not talking necessarily about the subject, I’m talking about the result. The result certainly gives you an indication of how much effort and work they’ve put in to getting their degree. And, because you know what that entails in terms of late nights, lots of reading, lots of discipline, that gives you comfort that they have the discipline and commitment to be a success in the world of work.

SW - Anything that helps make you stand out from other people is absolutely vital and you really need to think about that when you’re studying. So, have a good time but also, work really, really hard and make the most of this opportunity because it may only comes once.

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