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Employability: Selena Bolingbroke


Selena Bolingbroke examines the skills she feels are important in her career so far. Selena explains the need to engage at a personal and professional level and the communication skills needed to be successful in a role.

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I think the core skills that I’ve had throughout my career, there’s been a shared value base both between me and the organisations that I’ve worked for. And, that has enabled me to really engage at not just a professional level, not just turning up between 9 and 5, but at a personal level as well. That means that you always go that extra mile, when you really believe in what it is that you’re doing. I didn’t plan to do that, actually, it just kind of happened. But, it’s only when you reflect back that you start to see threads that continue throughout different jobs, different organisations.

Being able to engage and read policy and politics and external environments, which are all elements of what people quite often refer to as strategic thinking skills or strategic mapping skills. I think that’s always been a factor.

Having good social skills, being able to feel comfortable, speaking to people, whether it’s on a one to one basis, within a group situation, right up to more scary public speaking. There are very few jobs where really good communication skills and social skills are not valued and are not important to an employer. That’s not something that you can be taught but, I think you have to practice and awful lot. And, that mean you have to find experiences that give you the opportunity to practice those skills. So I think that’s probably something else that I would reflect back and think ‘that’s been something that’s been important in pretty much every job that I’ve ever done’.

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