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Starting a business


In this video a number of successful entrepreneurs provide advice and guidance for those considering setting up a business. In order to be successful you need to put in the time, do your research and be determined.

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  • JC - John Corcoran, Director, Wire Design
  • PE - Priscilla Etienne, Company Director, Funeography & UEL Alumnus
  • JS - Jim Shaikh, Managing Director, yoomi
  • MK - Michael Kohn, Director Slider Studio & UEL Alumnus

JC - If I could give anyone advice who’s setting up a creative business today, what advice would I give them? I think, I would say, don’t be scared about just, kind of, going into it. Because, I’ve met people who have too many fears and they’re just, you know. But there is lots of stuff that I wish I’d known then, that I know now, and I spent ten years learning through experience. I guess I would have gone on some more organised, formal courses to avoid some of the mistakes I’ve had to make over the years. That would have been a good thing.

PE – Research, research, research. Know your business inside out. And then basically, just keep learning, keep trying to find out new things, new ideas that come forward. Keep on top of it. There are a lot of changes that can happen within different industries.

JS – To run a business, I believe that you need tenacity and perseverance as your top level skills. Or, it’s not really a skill really, much more a way of being, because you get the highs, which are great, then you get the lows. When you’re running a business, that means that you’re the person everyone comes to when things go wrong and you have to find a way of actually dealing with those. Its taking a step back and driving forwards so you have to keep persevering because there are always, day in, day out, problems and issues.

MK – If you’re going to start your own business, then it might be wise to have ways of making money, maybe from the way you were doing it before. So, I met another colleague who’s just done exactly the same thing as me in a different discipline. She was in media and TV. She wants to be doing massage and, she still has to make money doing TV, whilst she sets up her business in therapeutic massage.

PE – I think it’s really important to work on something towards your business everyday. Everyday, just something else towards it. It does take you nearer and nearer to your goal.

JS – Being an entrepreneur is somewhat different from being an inventor. Being an inventor is great, lots of ideas are generated and thought processes and designs. But being an entrepreneur is somewhat different because, you’re looking at the context of those ideas and placing them in a framework in which they’re commercial. At the end of the day, you’re going to make money. And that’s the distinct difference between the two.

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