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Employability: Lisa Parker


Lisa Parker provides details of her career journey whilst working for BT. Lisa explains the flexibility and tenacity needed in her career path, enabling her to progress to her current role in the Programme Office.

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I started with BT 14 years ago, part time in the post room. I had to keep that job for two years whilst I looked around, internally, for other jobs to progress and get a promotion. I eventually got one in London, working with the aeronautical side, so we made the programs that went into the aeroplane seat back screens.

I did that for a couple of years and then I decided to look around to see if I could go into a management position. And, the avenue I chose to go down was to do bonusing and sales forecasting.

I got a job with the government sales team and I stayed with them but also decided that programme management, project management, is where I wanted to head in the direction of. So, whilst doing that job, I looked around internally at the courses that were expected.

I also volunteered for things that were outside of my remit that I knew would get me noticed by senior managers and I just kept on until I eventually got a job to work in the programme management office.

I would say the skills and attributes that that have helped me along the way in my career would be tenacity and also flexibility. I’ve had to work away from home four days a week, I had to Birmingham four days a week from my home in Southampton, which is a two and a half hour journey each way. I had to stay up in hotels for long periods of time, away from home. But, I knew it was for a greater good. It was the only way to get on, to get noticed, and it also demonstrated my flexibility, that I wasn’t just, you know, going to stay within my home location and wait for something to come along.

I also would say volunteering for things that I didn’t particularly want to do, to get myself noticed by senior managers. And to also be the first person somebody thought of, ‘Lisa will do that, she’ll help out’. It all goes to, sort of, building you as a person and reliable employee.

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