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Entrepreneurship: Priscilla Etienne


Priscilla Etienne explains the journey she undertook in setting up her company Funeography – a funeral photography specialist. Setting up her business whilst still at university Priscilla describes the confidence needed in becoming successful.

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I decided to do a photography degree and, quite quickly, I realised that the photographic world is inundated with glamour, fashion, there’s a lot of the same weddings. I just knew it was going to be a problem trying to find a career doing what everybody else was doing. So, at first, I was going to go into forensics but the actual queue to get in was very long, and that’s to do with CSI and the popularity of the forensic world now. So, I decided to go into funeral photography.

The concept of it is basically, going to funerals and taking different aspects, taking pictures of different aspects whatever parts we’re asked to do. So, we may just be asked to do a book full of flowers, or, we may just be asked to do the church, or, we may just be asked to do the grounds and we’ll just cover different aspects.

At the beginning of our second year, we were told that we could have access to Knowledge Dock, to start thinking about what business we wanted to go into, and, I already had it in my head. So, I went straight away, straight after that session with our tutor, straight down to Knowledge Dock and put a deposit down on a desk the same day.

The most important skills and qualities for running your own business is definitely confidence. Being able to look people in the eye. If gives the impression of knowing what you’re doing, where you’re going. And, the organisation skills are really important, knowing what you have to do, when you have to do it and how. Also, having a backup plan, in case things don’t go just the way you wanted them to. Being able to just fix it and move onto the next thing.

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