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Entrepreneurship: UEL Alumni


UEL Alumnus details the journey he undertook in setting up his translation business QuickLingo. Setting up his business whilst still at university he explains the determination needed in becoming successful.

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QuickLingo is a translation and interpreting company. We provide translation services to corporate clients and, sometimes, public sector clients e.g. local councils.

An example is, we have companies that come to us that want to go into different markets.  For example, South America or Asia, India or China.  And, obviously, they’ve got a product, they’ve got a website but the website is in English. So is the product, the product labelling and all that stuff.  They’ll come to us and they’ll tell us, “we’re going to China, can you translate all the documentation for us into Chinese”. We literally translate their website, their marketing literature, everything that needs to be translated, into Chinese for them.

We got the company started in 2008, that’s when it got registered and I think it was my second year at the time.

I took one year. In my third year, basically, I was doing university and doing the research, setting up the website, doing some marketing research etc.  So, literally, I was there trading.  I had my first client when I was still at university and that was for something in the region of £5000 which was great to help me set up other things alongside that. 

The most important skills with running a business, to me so far are: one to be determined.  You need to have some sort of determination to achieve what you set out to achieve.  By determination, that means you don’t give up when you’re not making a lot of money, a lot of clients, because you should have a plan. If you stick to the plan, it should work out.

Be determined, be focused, have a plan and go for it.

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