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Evidencing your employability

Evidencing your employability

It’s absolutely critical that you can demonstrate your employability skills and qualities with relevant and concrete examples from real-life experiences.

It can be very daunting when you are faced with specific questions about your skills and experience in an application form or an interview. It’s easy to panic when you are suddenly asked for examples of how you have worked successfully in a team or how you have successfully managed a demanding workload. The interviewers won’t be impressed by waffle. They expect real, concrete and specific evidence that shows you can do these things because you can show you have done them in the past.

With some careful thought and the right preparation you can find this evidence from different aspects of your life and learn to use it successfully in the recruitment and selection process.

The guides in this section explain each of the key employability skill areas in detail and help you to identify examples of them from your own experience. The Evidencing experience guide also shows you how to keep an ongoing record that you can use for reference every time you do an application.