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Visual presentation

Visual presentation

Making your CV colourful and creative will not attract an employer. Standard uncomplicated layouts work best for CVs.

Follow the rules below to ensure your potential employer will not be distracted by a fussy or complicated layout. Your employer has on average 45 seconds to review your CV. Making this a difficult process will result in your CV being binned!

The Rules:

  • Use black ink throughout.
  • Use one font throughout. Ensure this font is easy to read e.g. Arial, Trebuchet or Verdana.
  • Use only two font sizes. Use size 14 for headings and size 12 for body text.
  • Keep the body text plain and simple. Do not underline, embolden or italicise unnecessary information.
  • Use bullet points and lists to break up information.
  • Ensure consistent spacing throughout and in between sections.
  • Print out your CV on good quality white paper and post it in an A4 envelope along with your covering letter.
  • Check and double check your words. Spelling mistakes or typos will not be tolerated.