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Layout of a CV

Layout of a CV

A potential employer needs to access the information you provide on a CV quickly and easily. Ensure your CV is clear and consistent.

To impress your potential employer, make sure your CV is laid out in a simple and logical order and follows the rules below.

The Rules:

  • Your CV must be only 2 sides of A4, do not exceed this limit. If your CV is longer, be more concise with your information. Do not shrink the text or margins. It looks unprofessional and your CV will be binned!
  • Your name is the title. Using 'CV' or 'Curriculum Vitae' is not necessary.
  • Do not use a photo on your CV.
  • Follow the order below for the sections of your CV.
    • Personal Details
    • Personal Profile
    • Education and Training
    • Employment History
    • Additional Skills and Experience
    • Interests
    • References

Sections of a CV provides more information on what to include in each of these sections.